Carey is committed to employment, education, business development, social well-being and capacity building.


We have a long history of empowering Aboriginal People(s). 


We value our host communities and are committed to building and maintaining relationships built on trust, integrity and mutual respect.


We are a unique firm that prides itself on valuing people as our most important asset.


Our involvement in CareyMC is yet another step on the path of achieving the above goals we have set for ourselves. We have the ability to diversify our operations and develop new skills; as a business and as the individuals involved in the business.


we are committed to providing a diverse means of sustainable economic participation for Indigenous Australians


Daniel Tucker



CareyMC is about promoting value in Aboriginal communities and providing a complete project management and civil construction service to private industry and government clients.  CareyMC understands how to engage Aboriginal people on country and in regional and remote communities through innovative, sustainable job creation and enterprise development.  Our social approach and commitment is to work with Indigenous partners, Government and Industry to develop and implement effective programs. We will actively identify and invest in projects that enhance socio-economic benefit and improve cultural well-being. As a majority owned and controlled Aboriginal Company, CareyMC is well placed to provide Aboriginal communities with opportunities to build capacity for economic participation through employment, business ventures and skills development.


Carey is committed to assisting Aboriginal participation and skills enhancement through investment in education, training and development and university scholarships. The Wongatha Education Trust established in 2007 by Carey supports Indigenous students with access to much needed assistance and includes the provision of Indigenous tertiary scholarships at Curtin University, West Australia.



Carey is able to provide nationally accredited training through our related Registered Training Organisation, Carey Training. We have a history of tailoring training modules to ensure that the training delivered assists in the acquisition of skills and knowledge that is current, relevant and to the required industry standard.